For Papa

Sons and dad... We don't often share or rather speak enough about what's in our heart for each other... It's a known fact that we sons are closer to the mother than the father, but it's our dad who built us a home where we found love and became what we are.. Dad u are … Continue reading For Papa


The eyes that talk straight to heart...Forming an instant connectionIt's the purest symbol of trust..Of love of belonging and flirty seduction The smile that calls for instant attentionPromises a wait for a start..It promises a world of perfect synergyOf souls that would never be apart Theres some pain and some hope...There's nothing that we cannot … Continue reading Musings

Scrapped lines -1

​These eyes spoke to me n they shared a story... Of a princess who came from hills of glory... Of dreams she had for a life that beckoned. .. Of love n friendship enough to get by she reckoned  A gentle soul which temptations couldn't corrupt.. N at slightest opportunity, in laughter she'd erupt.. A … Continue reading Scrapped lines -1

Into The Wilderness

Into the wilderness beyond the comforts of my cozy home... The journeys are long and am brought to far off lands... Never the driver, yet steering the vehicle at my command.... The blizzard lasts a while so does rain n sunshine... But the smile is intact.. N so it continues.. For rest of my life... … Continue reading Into The Wilderness