About Contours

I believe i have lived a charmed life thus far. Contours of life is a medium to remember, record and verify the incidents and events that have been a part of my memory. The experiences and views shared are mine and i cherish them. If you are reading this post and intend to go through few things on this blog, let me caution u beforehand that you may not find things in order, how can they be when life is abstract?

I will write from memory and let you in my world. feel welcome and be comfortable πŸ™‚

I m just a crazy guy writing crazy stuff πŸ™‚

A TO Z About ME


i am an adventure.. not sure of the course
i am a blitzkreig…..a sudden outpour
I am a cocktail…..a lil fire n ice
i am a dumbhead… who can consistently be wise..

I am electric …. beware of my current
I am a Freak … whos out to hunt
I am gorgeous….. if the world had my mama’s eyes
I am Humor… can be added to ur life

I am an Iceberg… feel me wen u r hot
I am a Joker… can tie u in knotts
I am kaliedoscope…. u can c thru me
I am a Liar… if u put the blame on me

I am a manager… with a life to manage
I am Nostalgia….my drivin is savage
I am Optimistic…..for all things good
I am Persistent… As only I should

I weigh a Quintal…..Only 22 less
I am a Ranger… were i ll go is anyones Guess
I am Smart … if u av the brains
I am Tough…it shows in my Gains

I am Understandin… no matter who u r
I believ in Virtues… of love and my Yaars
I am Witty … and laugh at myself
i am Xyston.. Just a book on the shelf


22 thoughts on “About Contours

  1. I’m glad that there are still good poets and writers left in our country which makes me indulge in their poetry. I really liked your description about yourself.
    Thank you for your views on my blog post and I’ll try my best to bound you in my thoughts!

    Keep Writing!

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