The Blame is on me …. For all the things I have done, for all the decisions I made and the consequences I faced.

I was never forced to do anything.. and i thank my parents for bringing me up the way they did. I had the best of atmospheres growing up by the riverside in kullu and up in the valley of manali. Though our finances dictated where i study, my folks provided me the best education. Education that went way beyond academics and inculcated in me a desire to learn, know  more about people, interact with them, honor and celebrate them and their lives. I studied in convents, government schools and a technical college and each one has given me perspective. I was never too comfortable in any surrounding and i guess thats what did the trick for me. because today i am as comfortable discussing western music and NFL with anyone as i am happy holding a conversation with a minimum wage labor.

I credit OLS with my fond childhood memories, running around the school, inter section cricket matches that we started playing as early as 3rd standard, the PTA meetings that usually ended with the footnote that i was extremely careless, My cousin usually topping in academics and being made an example of, those 30 minute games period and ever growing camaraderie playing hindu – british (our version of chor sipahi).

Day Star turned out to be super cool. from a careless student to suddenly a topper and a villain and outsider for my laid back classmates. Ofcourse, my first crush, crazy fights with guys from govt school to this whole feeling of life being a big bollywood blockbuster. The best faculty ever stuck with the most careless batch of students in the history of the school.. trekking trips and picnics,, life looked fun..

LPS Shimla was a preface to life post school – though technically i was still at school, first year away from my parents, the time taught me a lot of lessons that i keep referring back to even today..

Govt School Kullu / manali and CTR have way too many memories attached for me to even think of including them here..


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  1. Shilpa
    Feb 23, 2012 @ 08:29:04

    Very well written 🙂 Enjoyed every word of it….


  2. Deepali
    Feb 24, 2012 @ 05:14:15

    good thought… but i lost you some where at times… (sorry for being the critic of your life :D).. but believe u me—- i could not have put even half of my thoughts together as well as you!!!! Bravo!


  3. anuraag
    Feb 24, 2012 @ 14:00:27

    Thanks Shilpa n Deepali 🙂 and D its ok to be lost at times coz i dont want to be concise in writing and just let the thoughts flow … thats the idea 🙂 n i always appreciate ur criticism :))


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