An Irrational Post

Change.. A socially acceptable term or a smartly disguised acronym ??

The world changes at a rapid pace and with it the perceptions or for the lack of a better phrase, the ways of the world change rapidly too. What was taboo 20 years ago would be a norm now and as is the case with every generation, i dont think how the next generation could be any smarter than mine.. i might laugh off at a suggestion of space travel being affordable in 30 years just as i m sure my folks would have found the concept of computers n internet ruling the roost in 2012 rather amusing in 1980. Lot of things have contributed towards the change n i m not pro or against the change as such but have some questions.. At what cost is the change coming? and to what ends ?

Lets leave it for a different day…..

While i am totally pro technology and industrial revolutions and have no complaints watsoever with the materialistic ode of modernization, its the change in human psyche that attracts my attention. A simple example: Pre Marital Sex.
Taboo in the past, almost expected today. Is it a shift in our psyche or pure hypocrisy ? I would say both. Former coz we live in a progressively influential society which encourages freedom of the individual and glorifies success more than morality of it and latter simply coz We indulge, enjoy and are rarely comfortable about it. My views on this are simple .. as long as the objective is clearly defined and agreed upon both parties and necessary precautions taken, any adult is free to indulge. It would be terribly wrong for anyone to

a) be irresponsible towards the consequences

b) To hold someone accountable on presumptions

c) to do a character examination post the act.

As an individual, with my limited intellect, i try to take most of my decisions to the best of my knowledge and ability. I like to say that I am fair in my dealings, just in my judgement and honorable in society. Yet i am sure those are only my views about me and i see the world the way i want to. While i am blowing my trumpet of bein good and searching for all the flowery adjectives to describe my personality, i conveniently ignore that i am merely a piece in a big puzzle. Surely there must have been incidents when i was exactly the opposite of what i deem myself as. I must have hurt people along the way, i must have made promises that i dint keep, I must have brought tears to some eyes, indulged in name calling and acted ignorant, I would be quick to indulge in gossip without giving a second’s thought to consequences involved. …. but i chose to forget those. And all  because i want to consider myself a good human being. But exactly how big or small a piece of this puzzle m I??
The word change has been a source of innovation and motivation .. But in following the cattle to the pastures, I would refrain from knowingly “changing” myself in attempt to “modernize ” myself .

upon reading this i, to myself appear confused and stuck in the past n hesitant to embrace society as it is now, the one that i grew up in and am a part of, and while i dont  necessarily subscribe to the old or new school of thought, i would rather let time be the judge and act as i seem just, because however inconsequential, i m yet a part of this world and this society, and honestly, if my actions hurt anyone i would like to apologize and if my thought process or ideas sound retro .. well.. each man has his vices and reflection is mine 🙂

The shift in ideology would never be a smooth process just as there is no clear break between day and night. As dusk n dawn buffer and preserve the traces of their predecessor while amalgamating the uniqueness of successor, it is left to us, the people who make up the society to walk this grey zone in our ideological shift to ensure that the rationale is maintained as we move to tomorrow.


My yesterday as a human was good, i hope to carry some experience from it with me to conjure myself a better tomorrow …..


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Deepali
    Nov 18, 2012 @ 15:31:53

    aahmmm… A very rational thought and an important question asked… You have tried to bring to surface what we all try and avoid and put on “Society”, but never take the ownership of… Change…
    You said during he initial part that u had some questions about this topic, however i feel somewhere in between u got so engrossed in introspecting yourself that the chain of thought was a lil lost…

    However still a fine effort!!!


  2. contoursoflife
    Nov 18, 2012 @ 15:41:32

    thanks deepali, i agree and thats y i changed the name of the post to irrational post 🙂


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