A call can change your mood

Where should I start when too many things are running on my mind.. tomorrow is my last day at work with an organisation that has been my second home for last 7 years. Should I write about how I feel? nah… My last few days haven’t been the happiest (evident in my previous posts) and I have been willing myself to be strong. This blog has helped and I m almost there 🙂

A facebook upload of our college professors by our mess sweeper in college (yah, even he has an account) threw me into a flashback about amazing times, with each teachers patent dialogues and styles that I imitated for my team today to some hearty laughter and applause. But I wouldn’t write about it either.. maybe some other day. Instead, why not write about a simple conversation that turned my day mood around .. from one of resignation to circumstances to smiles and warmth. Yah, let me write about Vinod (Mandi as I call him).


When I started this blog about a year ago and thought about sharing the funny experiences I had with my friends, Vinod’s name was pretty high on the list of people to write about.. And its only been my laziness that prevented me from doing so earlier. But I am too happy today, because of him, and am laughing even as I type this.

SO, the date was sometime in July 2001 and all the first year students had gathered in a hall for induction to Central Tool Room, our college. I was sitting in the third row, next to this lanky guy who had a vicious scar on his left cheek. the introductions began, he stood up,

and said “maainameijhvinodthakurshunofshreeshershingh” complete silence…

Sensing the awkwardness, I stood up and introduced myself, “Hi, I am Anuraag Sood and he is Vinod Thakur, son of sri Sher Singh”.
Thus ended our introduction and for the next 4 years at college, hostel and basically in the entire state of Punjab, I was his translator. People took time to understand his rate of speech but managed.

He hailed from the same state, infact the next district, Mandi and stayed two rooms away so naturally we became good friends though I guess another reason was that none could understand him 😛 . A very hardworking and dedicated student, he was in for a shock when I scored more than him in the first year engineering drawing exam (me 67 him 45) so much so, that he took my answer sheet to the professor and asked him how is it even possible that I could clear the exam?? Mandi returned with scores altered alright but lost 5 points in the bargain.

I laughed and laughed and laughed some more..

As we entered our second year of engineering, the college life was getting extremely boring and calls for mass bunks grew louder and louder every day. As a class, we took a decision to not attend a particular lecture and punish anyone who dint fall in line. Mandi went for the lecture and the whole class decided to teach him a lesson. They waited for him to return and wanted to beat the crap out of him, but I intervened and ensured he was unharmed.

Today when we recalled the incident, he says “it wasn’t the entire class ok, only 7 of them”

Another incident from second year was when we were questioned for ragging our juniors. The interrogating Lecturer (Gojra) asked everyone about there whereabouts and in walks Mandi,

yawning, ” Sir wat time are u saying this happened?”
GOJRA: 3:30 pm
MANDI: No Sir, wasn’t me
GOJRA: how can u prove it?
MANDI: Sir, 3:30 to 5Pm I have to sleeeeep and sleep only. I dont waste it on ragging…
GOJRA: @^%$&%$

The expression on Gojra’s Face: PRICELESS!!!

Mandi was also a cleanliness freak and I would often invite him to my room, he would look around at stuff and start arranging and as soon as its done I would send him out and close the door behind him. He always realised that I was up to something but never ever refuse. A great great friend 🙂

This one time there were talks in the hostel of rooms being raided for drugs and porn magazines. Mandi ran to my room, carrying some books, went to my Elmira, got some more books and lit them all on fire in the balcony. I ask him whats happening? he innocently tells me about the raid, I tell him its a prank and he runs out to the balcony to douse fire and could save only one pic from a debonair. Angrily looks at me and says now the entire hostel will kill you…

He had collected all porn from the hostel and burnt it !!!

We got into a fight in our final year and as we were being chased, we camped in his room when one our over excited friend was going all gung ho about thrashing people who dare lay a finger on usand blah blah.. This guy, Happy, wasn’t on best terms with Mandi and that being Mandi’s room I asked mandi if he can get happy out of there. Mandi did that and this is what transpired..

MANDI: Oye tu chala ja
HAPPY: Main chatake laa doon sareyan de
MANDI: ye mera room hai tu chala jaa
HAPPY: jo mere naal saath karta hai usko main hamesha yaad rakhta hoon aur jo bura karta hai usko bhi hamesha yaad rakhta hoon.. and storms off

Vishal: oye idi hard drive kinne GB di hai oye?

We laughed at Happy’s dialogue but Mandi was perplexed… He says ” SAALON!! tumhare bolne pe maine happy ko bahar bheja aur tum kuchh nahi bole???

We convinced him we were still friends :))

Just few of the incidents from college that we remembered over our 20 min phone call today. Mandi is now a senior engineer in a MNC and headed to Japan. He still talks the same way and says that it actually helps him learn and speak Japanese better.. And I have no doubts it would 🙂

I am still grinning and know for a fact that he wont read this but if he, someday does, I hope he smiles and enjoys this piece as much as I did writing it 🙂


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  1. shikha gautam
    Mar 04, 2013 @ 22:12:24

    Wow. This makes for such a great read. Simple, yet so nostalgic. Takes me back to the college days.


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