College Days- Chapter 3

While getting to know each other and our seniors, we came across many funny facts, like when we were being ragged over a weekend, Dharampal ran, took off his shirt and started riding a rickshaw. The seniors never suspected him and he even guided them in opposite direction!!. Such a clever guy!! We also discovered the nearby Pehalwan dhaba which provided an alternative to our boring mess food but was slightly expensive for us as the shahi paneer there was 55 rs.

Our seniors were always kind enough to help us with our jobs, when Mal Singh looked away. Getting a grinding cut on the job was all the help we needed from them and they happily obliged. We had a strange set of teachers. YP Bansal for Engg Drawing often used to forget to take off his helmet and went around the campus searching for it, SK Bansal for CAD/Cam was referred to as thirki, Our external faculty for Physics was Amli and we could never understand a word he said. Our Workshop technology teacher was Mr Pasricha whose pet dialogue was wahi to, said with a springing neck. I am sure they tried their best to teach us somethings, but not sure if they ever succeeded. The mess used to serve Rajma Chawal for lunch every Monday, we ate for our heart, not stomach and mondays lunch was followed by a 4 hr Engg drawing class. 4 hrs of boredom right after a feast?? No wonder we slept off or wanted to bunk the class. I think that partly explains my lack of grades in first year.  Also another reason was when once when YP Bansal used my sheet to explain to the class the drawing of a tool, he created the WHOLE drawing himself. Later, when the sheets were being graded, He looked at me and said,” Ye kis H )(&(*&(*^E ne banayi hai ” I said “sir aapne” and he threw me out of the class for abusing him!!

In Some time we had nicknames for every one, and since Ankit was the “chikna” in our batch, he got labelled Sexy. Everyone fondly would rub his cheeks and it irritated him so much. He once Yelled out in the workshop. ” BC$^%^$%^, Ki Sexy Sexy laya hai, Munda haan Main V” . I guess after that Ankit transitioned from a small kid in the class to one of the naughtiest and one whose opinions were heard. That was his coming of age. We were also settling into a pecking order in the batch, especially amongst the hostlers. Kohli, more often than not was the one whose room had most people. He, Ankit, Kulwinder, Rohit used to hang out together and express one opinion and they were the ones closest to the day scholars as well. Simultaneously, Lalit, Sarabpreet, Kulu, Mandi,Vishal,  Harpreet, Gaurav s were settling in to become our knowledge banks. Mangal, Singla, Surjit,Dharampal,  Kuldeep and I  were more the fun guys. Piyush was also somewhere in the scholars group.

As the exams approached, everyone was hyper active. Those of us who needed attendance had to pay Mal Singh a tribute. Old Monk. Mangal and Rupinder were our pioneers in cheating. Mangal introduced us to concept of Micro Photostat and Rupinder had this unique quirk of making cheat notes on currency and at the end of the exam, he would go to the Gurudwara and donate all the parchis. Exams showed how united we were. We would gather in rooms on pretext of studying and distribute the chapters according to the seating arrangement. Even after distribution, we would hardly find time to study and on the morning of exam would create a beeline infront of the only photostat shop nearby, getting our portions microed. I once asked Mangal if we needed to put extra effort as these were the final exams and he replied, ” Yup sure, Aapan Jamalpur(nearby locality) ton photostat Karve leunde haan “. That was our Batch.

1st Year, Final Exams, Workshop Technology Paper, I was sitting diagonally opposite to Gurdeep Singh, A day scholar and an intelligent one at that, when i asked him for an answer. He looked around, and replied,” Saale Sardar hoon, 12 baje poochh raha hai, nahi aata”. No Disrespect to the religion, but that was very funny. I also remember getting the Inferiority complex, a serious one where i cursed myself for all the times i ever bunked the Engg drawing class. In the exam, everyone was making lavish diagram of the Injection mould and there i was with a tiny little house in the middle of the sheet. No clue as to what to draw. Then an idea stuck. I made HUGE casings around that tiny diagram. I knew i would fail, atleast my sheet wont be empty..  My exams were not really upto my expectation, though others had none from me since i was the last ranked EVER to enter the “prestigious” College. So, Being the smartass i was, I willingly flunked my Maths exam and attempted only 40 marks for workshop technology, thinking i would score big in retake and improve my percentage.

I was wrong… more on that later..


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  1. rv
    Jul 11, 2013 @ 14:29:13

    Arrey bhai Apne kahi mera helmet Dekha hai…..???
    Paji all Wearing Turbans werehaving advantage of using cell phones Inside. Specially to crack Supplies…:P


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