Sports wisdom

Hey … been long since I posted anything … anyways its late at night and I am playing a game of tennis on my android phone .. stuck playing John Mcenro, a legend of grass court, n being repeatedly beaten by his android avatar for best part of a month; all of a sudden this thought came to my mind .. “I m analysing my shots after every game ” n just as I was thinking about it I realised I couldn’t help analysing because I am still a sportsman at heart ..

I played my fair share of cricket, table tennis and basketball as a kid and was fairly successful .. I mean I never had any formal coaching in any sport yet went on to win most of the competitions I participated in as a youngster, n I count them as some major achievements of my life. But losing this tennis game time after time to this android app has me fairly hackled .. I should be able to beat it .. its only level 13   of a possible 16 ..

I haven’t played a competitive game of cricket in 5 yrs and though my table tennis game has improved 360 degree because of the good players I played against till last year I am as far removed from sports now as anyone could be. . (I dont mind missing out on a live telecast of an indian game ).. the instincts of a sportsman refuse to give up .. I still enjoy trying to defeat that droid n m still hungry for that win .. I need to work on my backhand play at the net I guess…


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