Scrapped lines -1

​These eyes spoke to me n they shared a story…

Of a princess who came from hills of glory…

Of dreams she had for a life that beckoned. ..

Of love n friendship enough to get by she reckoned 
A gentle soul which temptations couldn’t corrupt..

N at slightest opportunity, in laughter she’d erupt..
A wholesome friend never shying from a hug..

She had the patience of a monk dealing with a thug..

N her eyes could show u life N happiness

There are stories dating back decades of her kindness..
She had the spunk N could be naughty too

For there was no man she could not woo
Her eyes they shared a moment and captured ur heart..

Willing u on hypnotically to let a new chapter start..
The eyes that just held on to ur gaze..

Tempting at times n prompting an eyebrow raise..

The eyes of this angel.. they said a lot..

It’s an ocean n to the bottom .. no one’s got


The New Dark…

A collaborative effort at a story ….

His eyes wide open, gazing the dark…

Tears oozed down his eyes, he breathe the fear…..
This couldn’t delve further..
He opened his arms to bring the bliss back but this escapade just like Amor; which plunged the darkness again..
I need to rise from this grave and vulnerably gleam to the world, he said..
The limitless time with the hunger to rebel, he want her back again…
Can’t miss the gorgeous smile, the fragrance in air and her twinkling eyes that hem the dimness around, missing the unguarded moments…
The breeze played strings of his soul, music of her memories played all night though so much so to embrace her again…
The wind changed the course and shattered the glass of her frame. In minutes her beautiful face had waves and streams of crashes.
In solitude she drifted away, just like that day he wanted to see her again….

……. Nidhi

N the solitude that brought him here engulfed him all over again… it was back to the gloom N yet he had one word on his lips.. her name..
He dwell in his memories… reached for the face that once smiled upon him… how the time played it’s tricks .. he saw her there.. right in front of him.. barely a feathers skin away. . He reached out to touch her again.. but the fate held sway.. a fingertip away.. the smile faded.. N they were world’s he wished to roll back time.. he just wanted another start…

The smile that he brought to her lips had shamed the sun.. the love only at par with air . .. he wanted one more look at her before they were cruelly parted..

She knew not what they made him do n all he had to suffer..  quite unaware of the world being brought down on her …..he had been her buffer…..

Yet in the dark he knew not pain nor the bloodshed mattered.. for in this world he had lived with her once …..n those moments could not be bettered….

…… Anuraag


Bored n rhyming

It’s been a while since I last saw this page…

My own creation now laid to waste

It’s been a while since I felt the urge to write

Love’s uninterested in finding me n there’s been no fight

This used to be a place I loved where my thoughts found their wings

Now it’s just boring till my pet Bruno attempts to sing

Should I write about the amazing weather at my place

Where the temperatures are still bearable by God’s grace..

Should I write about some old memories. . Something from back in the time..

I see I still have got it, coz the lines all still rhyme

I can try to write a love story .. a fantasy that’s been on my mind..

But that would need some commitment n I am definitely not the kind…

Should I be an observer .. and make note of little things

Or should I pen down the ecstacy that every readers comment brings

I m at loss of ideas here do not know what to do

If u are still  reading this crap. . U  r my friend for life, that’s true.

I am only scribbling coz I m bored.. yesterday same time in office I snored.

Maa… meri maa….. Mumma :))


It’s the mother’s day and I shout out to you,

I v been ignorant lately but what to do

You got a son for pearls n pizzas

And me who can write you a word or two…


You are short and cute just made to order

For you wont fit my arms if you were any broader

In you I find my counsel, my best of loyal friends..

You called giggling guru, you always set trends…


We talk we share and we give you a new name,

You an extraordinary mom, you earned your fame..

From making super food to keeping us grounded

To see how you do it, leaves everyone confounded


U work day in day out, for us you do..

We want you to relax but you hardly get to..

You got two big sons yet no bahu..

We should be 6 from 4…. give it a decade or two


M keeping this one short keeping it real,

Just the way you are … a shining jewel…


the desire is to share smiles n blankets with u…

Also watch some horror movies together where I can sneak on u…

To measure your waist by my palms..

N occasionally get u high n lock the door to see you swivel n entice…

Go on a camping trip n count stars in clear night skies…

To make fire n roast some food as I drink wine through ur lips..

See u change every night n wait for a peek….
At the gifts that r mine to unwrap.

A little smile that wd flash across your lips wen u see me…

N those signals that only we d understand…

When I cd write wat I feel for u..  With fingertips on ur belly…

N I lose the sense of word as my finger reaches the button…

To look up then n see ur eyes closed..  Lips parted..  Inviting me to the heavens I know…

N the desire just takes me..  With u I go..

My lips and tongue confuse my mind..  Shd I hold u in or let me flow…

U urge me to stop n raise ur head..  A motion soft n slow…

My arms r wrapped around u..  Holdin u as I m held.. It’s a sensation I want to feel..  So far not felt…

U know me little u think I flirt..  First one is right n I wd not hurt…

I see u glued to words I speak..  It’s not just me for u also seek.

Into The Wilderness



Into the wilderness beyond the comforts of my cozy home…
The journeys are long and am brought to far off lands…
Never the driver, yet steering the vehicle at my command….
The blizzard lasts a while so does rain n sunshine… But the smile is intact..

N so it continues.. For rest of my life… A journeyman.



Wen the lights are out I will seek n see u… and let your contours define my words
I wd look at the eyes n feel wat u did .. n let the evening drown me into u …
I wd see the smile spread across ur lips and will u to stay..
I wd see the hair flowing in the wind in countdown to the time wen u come my way. .

Another late night ….

So …. another late night ….
Another random encounter …
Another tinge in stomach
Another glint in the eye
Another breath disturbed
Another heart beat missed
Another dream created. . Another mirage kissed ..
Another tale of sweat .. another of fire n ice ..
Another murmur of sounds another pounding of heart
Another clench of fists .. another voice in jist ..
Another moment of pleasure .. another found treasure
Another night and eyes get heavy .. another journey to dreams.

Sports wisdom

Hey … been long since I posted anything … anyways its late at night and I am playing a game of tennis on my android phone .. stuck playing John Mcenro, a legend of grass court, n being repeatedly beaten by his android avatar for best part of a month; all of a sudden this thought came to my mind .. “I m analysing my shots after every game ” n just as I was thinking about it I realised I couldn’t help analysing because I am still a sportsman at heart ..

I played my fair share of cricket, table tennis and basketball as a kid and was fairly successful .. I mean I never had any formal coaching in any sport yet went on to win most of the competitions I participated in as a youngster, n I count them as some major achievements of my life. But losing this tennis game time after time to this android app has me fairly hackled .. I should be able to beat it .. its only level 13   of a possible 16 ..

I haven’t played a competitive game of cricket in 5 yrs and though my table tennis game has improved 360 degree because of the good players I played against till last year I am as far removed from sports now as anyone could be. . (I dont mind missing out on a live telecast of an indian game ).. the instincts of a sportsman refuse to give up .. I still enjoy trying to defeat that droid n m still hungry for that win .. I need to work on my backhand play at the net I guess…

Rahul interviewed by Arnab Goswami

Here is the conversation.. courtesy Arun Ramachandran, Sourced from FB. brilliant job on the analysis.


1. The future of this country is in our hands

2. We need more youth in the system

3. We need to open up the system… open ourselves up.

4. We need to empower women and … need to empower them.

5. That is the fundamental need of the moment.

6. I have always said…

7. The congress believes that anyone.. ANYONE who is corrupt should be punished.

8. We need to change the way the politics is structured.

9. All I am saying is that there is a difference.

10. One needs to setup the system.


Arnab: Considering that you are blaming Narendra modi’s party for the riots, would you be ready to take responsibility and accept the mistake that was the 1984 riots?

Rahul: 9 + 1 + 3 + 7

Arnab: There are so many ministers within the congress who are not being prosecuted just because of their position

Rahul: 6 + 3 + 8

Arnab: Do you feel that the congress is making partnerships with a lot of individuals and parties for their own personal goal?

Rahul: 9 + 10 + 4 + 1

Arnab: Why is it that the congress party not open to showing its income. It appears that 80 percent of its income is undeclared and from anonymous sources.

Rahul: 6 + 6 + 2 + 5

Arnab: You have been noted as stating ‘Some people can give a bald man a haircut’ in reference to the AAP. What is your stand on them?

Rahul: 6 + 1 + 9

Arnab: If the AAP files an inquiry againt sheela dixit, would you still support them?

Rahul: 1 + 4 + 2 + 7

Arnab: Are you open to having a debate with the other ministers. An open debate with them?

Rahul: 6 + 8 + 5 + 1

Arnab: You have not answered any questions and have dodged them? Can you please give an answer?

Rahul: Arnab – all I have to say is – 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 +….

Pappu ratta to laga k aaya but paas nahi hua 

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