This cute guy on your left has been my most silent and loyal friend.. i have known him for 24 years now and still there is so much more i want to know from and about him.

we have stayed together for about 12 years  and would have fought for 2 yrs give or take.We have weilded eveything from a knife to a broom at each other. He is my opposite in every sense of the word. While i m short n getting rounder, he stands tall at about 6 ft 2in. I Have a big nose from dad n he has my moms dimples. I m very laid back n relaxed, he is an adventure junkie. i walk or take public transport, his Enfield is an extension of his legs. while i am professionally qualified for a job he is a self made man. I depend on my salaries, he writes his own checks. I have dated only Indians, he dates only foreigners.

We  have had some whack time together… When we were young, i remember he used to pelt guys with stones who bullied me and cry when he was teased, looking at me for help while i only encouraged him to run.. Once we were stealing apricots from a nearby orchard he left me stranded on the tree as the guard came running. I used to make him run home from school so that we catch WWF on tv.

And how can i forget the maggi incident !! i was in 7th grade, mom had to go out for some work leaving us and 2 packs of maggi at home. Knowing that we dont trust each other 1 bit when it comes to maggi, she asked me to 1st prepare a pack for him and then one for myself. I obeyed her orders and this whole time he sat next to the burner on the kitchen slab, ensuring i dont sneak his maggi, i poured it on his plate and as soon he started to walk his plate tossed and the maggi was spread on the kitchen floor.. i took no pity on him, prepared my pack, teasing him while he sat down on the floor gathering what was retrievable.. and as if on cue my plate of maggi not only fell down as well but was irretrievable from the floor. He looks me in the eye, smiles and says dont worry, we’ll share mine….

I now know that i should have been considerate, but whats gone is gone..

He always possessed a very sharp business acumen. When in abt 4th grade, he observed i was a better player at marbles than the rest of the guys so he never played, allowed me to win the marbles and then use to sell my spoils to same guys i won them from at a better exchange rate than the market. Phew!!! Some business mind he possessed.

The first time i received my pocket money (500 rs) i offered him abt 100, feeling all good that i m being the elder brother.. he looked back at me, smiled, and said if u need a 1000, let me know.. and this when he hadnt finished his high school !!!

We dont talk or text on a daily basis. we never have. Usually our conversations end in about a couple of minutes and last no longer than pleasantries but the bond we share is much deeper. The best phase of our relationship was perhaps in 2010 when i came home for what i thought was good, and we actually got to spend time together as two friends.. and we had Thailand to top it all :):)

Abhinav as a person inspires others to be like him. He isnt one to follow the norms of society. he challenges them and more often than not comes out with his own way forward. That he is around with my mom and dad all the time makes me jealous, but any given day I wouldnt want to change a thing about him.

I wish we could either go back in time or design our future in such a way that we do get to spend a lot more time together..

I am extremely proud to be a friend to this inspiring man and more privileged to be his Elder Brother.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. chander sood
    Mar 02, 2012 @ 13:50:15

    God bless both of you.may this lovely bond between u both keep strengthening with the time.I love you and am proud of both of you keep on writing.


  2. Abhinav
    Mar 02, 2012 @ 23:00:27

    Very well written bro… Brought back a lot of memories, happy times ey ? but it was too short 🙂 It was such a delight to read. i wish i was as great of a writer as you are and express what i feel… but
    you know me ))) and my english.. ) did you forgot the PS3 Fifa matches ?? oh we were such a team. Felt like time flew by..in 2010 when you were home ) and we were all back together as a family after such a long time.. great were those days.. but hey lets plan what we once talked over the phone. this summers 🙂 will talk soon ….
    thanks for bringing back the happy memories … and a huge smile on my face and in my heart .
    keep rockin, like you always do )))


  3. Ritika
    Mar 02, 2012 @ 23:17:39

    true… I remember the marbles too… pudilal 🙂


  4. jen
    Nov 24, 2012 @ 02:43:55

    very well written! Chinu is an amazing man and I am proud to call him a friend. he is everything you speak of and more. I look forward to a long life of knowing Abhinav The Great!


  5. Deepali
    Feb 07, 2013 @ 13:31:09

    One of your best…. i love the comparison of the two of you 🙂 If he is an adventure freak n a dare devil, you have the gift of words…. God Bless you two n stay in love 🙂


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