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This blog is me. With all my imperfections and opinions. I like coming back and reading it from time to time. This rejuvenates me and at times puts things in perspective. Now Yesterday, I wished my mom here and it felt good. Deepali commented, it was so routine of her yet it stood out. Made me think and here I am..

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We work in a very dynamic industry with a very short term memory. People we call friends one day are very easily forgotten in a span of weeks and months. Rarely, if any, relations survive. I mention this because I have been lucky that over the 7 years that I spent in the industry, I have made some very good friends and at the same time lost innumerable people to the hustle.When you have been friends for as long as the 2 of us, you need reference points to remember how did it all begin? Surely we must have been strangers sometime. And technology helped me. We v been friends since Orkut days, so y not dig up the past? I logged in to my account and here’s what I came up with; a trip down the memory lane via Orkut n official mails ( Nothing edited, and looking at the no of errors, I wonder how did we even get the job)

TIMELINE: 3 months…

Mrs Deepali Poonia!!!!!!!!!

– May 24, 2007Pending approval

Well!!!!!! ACS!!!!!!
A bag full of ENERGY, POSITIVITY, WIT, HUMOR, LOVE and FRIENDSHIP…. I have know him for good 3 months now and this guy is a real STRESS BUSTER!!!!
I have seen myself swaping from tears to laughter in splits of seconds….when he is around!!
ANuraag, takes his life as it comes and also plans it well in advance, so that he neither looses on the present nor on the future!!!! A very well balanced soul…. a COOL and CALM Headed person….

TIMELINE: 9 months…

Anuraag Sood

– Feb 4, 2008Pending approval

i was goin thru other testimonials and saw everyone mentionin ur eyes… they r beautifull but not as shinin as u r.. to say Deeplu is a friend wd be an understatement. i av known her fr a while now and the 1st thing i remember abt her is tht she demanded respect..i never called someone AAP voluntarily but the aura arnd her forced me to. (even though i av been arnd fr a week more than her) Shes graduated to tu now but that respect remains. U av been a benchmark fr me with the high quality of work u did but u av also been a great great friend. Hell i miss u in the bay. U kno wat its always good to see u smile coz thats one of the little joys in my life… U smile and i kno things are right. I might only be one of hundred friends u av but i kno U value friendship and thats a trait hard to find..NU luks is lucky but i am luckier as i kno u wd always be a part of my life in the same capacity and always be there fr me…and yea i will be there fr u…. GOD BLESS!!!

TIMELINE: 1.3 Years

Mrs Deepali Poonia!!!!!!!!!– Jun 11, 2008Pending approval
Anuraag has been one of my very few friends at work. I am so used to him now that it gets weird if I dont meet him atleast once during my day at work. He is a little careless and carefree but that only works for his benefit.
He is someone who just cant stop talking about himself… thoda emotional fool bhi hai…. at times he would be upset n sad over nothing at all…just like a baby.. n at times he would act completely opposite.
I appreciate his spirit and the never give up attitude… Your friendship is always cherished and i promise that you would take care of the Gulab Jamun Stall at my wedding 😉
TIMELINE: 1.9 yrs
Deepali Prakash/CCMG/CVG

01/11/2008 10:02 PM

Anuraag– How could I not mention him.. My partner, my friend and my couple [;-)] at work. You’ve come as a great surprise to my life.  Thank you Anu for giving me that shoulder and ear when I needed it the most. You helped me cope with work during my downs; you have been that thread in the team that binds us all together. Thank you for injecting me with positivism almost every day. Thank you for being my punching bag!!! Thank you for all the sutta and dinner breaks (you would continue to be my dhabba SPOC. OK!). I know you are a friend to keep. I could not trust anyone more than you, to hand over my hard work and my baby (MS UK) to.  I hope you do full justice to it; hope you not only fit into my shoe, but over grow it and reach new heights with your creativity and dedication.  All the best and I will miss you a lot!

In documented endorsement of each other you see she leads me 3-1 🙂

This is how it started:

So this new girl moves from a different site to our workplace and carries buckets, no wait, tanks full of the quintessential “communication coach” Attitude. For someone with a more basic grasp of the language (no fu fa ) n small town upbringing and suffering from no-girls-in-the-team syndrome like I was (at the time) she appeared a typical teammate I would make fun of kinda person. And she had to sit next to me. Pleasantries exchanged. routine followed. and 1 day she asked our manager some stupid question. There it was. it was proven that the entire “communication Coach Aura” was only for work. she was just as stupid and naïve as I was at the time. We started talking, taking breaks together and realised ki we are both cut from the same cloth and complimented each other very well. While she was this ambitious, task oriented performance driven person, I was relaxed, confident and always seemed to have that extra bit of time. so by mutual agreement we became friends. I guess she helped me stay focussed at work while I helped her unwind so it was a win win situation. She used to call me up and put her arms around me as if I were her boyfriend if she felt uncomfortable around any guy at work!!!

By the time Deepali moved on to her next profile ( timeline 1.9 yrs ) we had become close friends. I was her confidante over many late night conversations that we shared. We discussed circumstances and came up with what we thought were best responses but failed time and time again 🙂 but the bond kept growing stronger and we kept going. When she introduced me to Sumit for the first time outside the dhaba, like all her friends I too was sceptical. the more she told me about him the more I was convinced about their love and gradually I became good friends with Sumit. Hota kaise nahin, Poonia bhi apne jaisa he pagal tha 🙂 .

and she has grown. She is the first person to check on me and always very vocal about her opinion on anything to do with me. She doesn’t spare me any criticism and is still around with a comforting smile. Her warmth as a person has only increased and she is getting harder to please.

6 years of friendship  is hard to put in words. perhaps an incident can throw light into the bond we share,

I wanted to go to leh in July last year with my brother but the plan couldn’t materialise. I posted on FB and 2 days later Sumit and Deepali were in Manali for our Leh trip. Needless to say, we had the time of our life.

Deepali: I said it to u 5 years ago and we have lived it so far.  “Sumit is lucky but i am luckier as i kno u wd always be a part of my life in the same capacity and always be there fr me…and yea i will be there fr u…”

FOR now and all the time to come :))


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  1. deepali
    Jan 19, 2013 @ 11:24:44

    Ok… So now u r 2 v/z 3 on documentation… But what do I say…. U just win hands down!!!

    This is overwhelming and so honouring….I feel so awesome about myself after reading this ;)…

    I don’t believe u still have ur orkut working n u still that email I sent… My God..wat old memories….
    Thank you for reminding me of our old days… I miss them so much!


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