“O B&^%^%$%D !! FAT GAYA OYE !!!” – (Acc to Ankit)

When Kamal said these words from a dingy room in delhi, he would have never imagined that this would stick as his name.. Fattu as we all lovingly call him.

Ranked 4th in the JET exam, if  there was any student less bothered about studies in our batch, i dont know him.

His famous gear changing hrithik Roshan walk heading straight to shake your hands… ( Disgusting !!)

That smile !!!

His hairless face ( rarity for a surd ) and claims to having shaved !!!

His Voice suddenly losing the gruffness…

His Size 28 waist…. ( envy of all gals in the mall )

MAGIC !!!!

KamalPreet Singh Saini: Kamal and i had always been on the opposing sides for any and everything at college. Perhaps the only common grounds we shared for our first three years together were the calls for Mass Bunks. Our last year in college was a rather tumultuous one with us fighting over many things. So much so that we were literally on verge of throwing blows at each other.

While i moved to Gurgaon post my college, He stayed back along with Vishal for the optional fifth year and in hindsight, i think thats where we started becoming tolerant towards each other ( since vishal was my best friend). When Vishal joined me in gurgaon sometime in 2007, my room had more or less turned into a guest house with so many people walking in and out. I remember vividly, Kamal had an interview in Gurgaon and called Vishal for lodging. Vishal asked me if Kamal can stay with us and i dint respond. When Kamal showed up at our flat, and asked me, all i said was ” Saale aur kahaan Jayega”

With that began our house hunt and luckily we had Kamal’s scooter as our royal vehicle of choice. We moved into a new 4 BHK at Khuranas… This is where the actual story starts.

Our New Flatmate Kamal was a very energetic guy, cast in a totally different mould than Vishal and me, who at best would be lazy and lazier. Gurgaon was a happening place for him and he made us wake up and smell the coffee, literally.

His energy and resourcefulness, plus his bike, were of great value to me as i could always trust him to get dinner on weekends,  fetch clothes from ironing and ofcourse go birdwatching with in malls. ah .. n sec 4 market too 😛 . He would always shout at me, urge me to move my arse and even curse me, but complete the work himself. I and Vishal loved him for that.

After Vishal left for Australia, We were the roomies left in the mansion and he constantly sought my counsel on all matters related to girls. I dont think i helped him much though i do remember throwing him the Bus challenge (Kashmir) :)))))

I spent double shifts at work while his girl came over and he picked me up from anywhere, anytime, irrespective of how drunk he was. He even got food for my relatives when they came visiting me after i had moved out. He was always game for a drink and we served as each others sounding board to vent our anger. He struggled at hindi and listening him talking to his GF on the phone was hilarious at the beginning but i was so used to him murdering the accent that i got used to it.


I never thought while leaving college that he would actually turn out to be one of my best friends ever. I have known Fattu, the name for about 12 years now and the person for about 5 years and in the time we have spent i havent come across a more genuine, humble and honest person. In times of need, his would be the first name on my mind and its not me being selfish but the abundance of our friendship that i count on.

As he prepares for life in Canada, I hope he gets the success he deserves.We both know that life will move on and we ll get new friends, but there would always be those pleasant memories and they will always bring us smiles.

Rabb Rakha Mitra…



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. ankit dhiman
    May 21, 2014 @ 16:52:51

    bas kar ab rulayega kya


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