Hmmm.. where do u start when you have to think about your best friend … someone who has been a part of your system for good 10 years and made days shorter and funnier with his presence.. its tough and i know irrespective of whatever i recollect and jot down here, there would still be thoughts unwritten, feelings shared and incidents missed ..

I distinctly remember Vishal Prashar had spent one night at the hostel and missed the next two days on pretext of fever.. not a good impression to cast on your fellow hostelers esp when you know that you all are going to be ragged.. Chicken I would have thought πŸ˜› . Anyways, 2 days later, in walks Mr Vishal Prashar, and I was curious to meet this guy coz apparently if he hadn’t opted for one of the other quota seats, I might not have gotten into the college. He was skinny, shy and a studious chap. He stayed in block B and we were cordial the first year, with the typical distance that a 12th and 10th kid would maintain.Β  He was bothered about scores, classes, workshops and i was more interested in breaks, bunks, sleeping for most of the first year … If my memory serves me right, he was ranked 3rd or 4th that year while yours truely begun to realise just how tough college studies are, courtesy 29th rank out of 36.

Second Year is when we really got to know each other and became fast friends, in his own words he wanted to be around me cause i never had a worry in the world and he wanted to do away with his stress, so i was a stress buster for him. I was fond of him as my younger brother. He would often share his home made food and force me to study against my will, once even stating that he dint want me to flunk as then i might just get serious about studies and that would be catastrophic.. We planned many things together like this one day after an exam that went particularly bad even by my standards, i told him in all seriousness..” Yaar tune notice kiya hai films main all rich people are Singhanias??”” and he said ” Agar hum chay ki dukaan bhi kholein to naam zaroor Singhania rakhenge ” and this was our sure shot way of getting rich together…

We always used to argue endlessly about our cricketing prowess.Β  I was and am miles ahead of him in any game , Period !! He was never a good bowler but a decent batsman, and once he hit me for six, (despite being out the previous ball !!) he ensured he reminded me about it ever since..

We had fun on our educational tour where despite taking 9000 INR with me, I returned from the 23 day tour with 3700 INR, having spent a lavish 11k in records that we maintained, and yet didn’t owe anyone any money!!! That Maths is still beyond either of us and still gives us a laugh or 2…

We both had very exciting final year at college for different reasons πŸ™‚ while I was the sports president for the college, Vishal was running the mess and I believe we ran one of the best mess in recent years.. He was still amongst the toppers and i also managed to scrape through academically.

Vishal stayed with me in Gurgaon for a couple of years before moving to Australia for good.. and in our 4-5 years since college, we have only grown stronger as brothers.. there hasn’t been anΒ  event in each others life that we are unaware of ( right from all my girlfriends to his office tortures) nor has there been an occasion when we haven’t stood up for each other. if one incident can summarize our friendship, it would have to be our conversation when he saw Ruhi (his wife) for the first time.

We are separated by continents now but the love still remains.. And Vishal, I realize this is a boring record right here but u n i both know the time we spent together cant be put down in words..


Till we meet again .. my brother .. CHEERS !!!!





6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Shilpa
    Feb 27, 2012 @ 11:13:49

    I totally enjoy ur blogs πŸ™‚ keep rocking


  2. kamal saini
    Feb 28, 2012 @ 14:19:02

    sale gurgaon ki story m main kahan gaya… dubara likh…..aur tumne photo v crop kar ke laga di…


  3. kamal saini
    Feb 29, 2012 @ 12:30:25

    ok grt….lagta hai aaj kal writer ban gaya hai….


  4. Rahul Vashist
    Feb 01, 2013 @ 14:39:09

    hmmm gud one…..u guyzzzz alwz rocked the hostel together….


  5. Neelima Chakraborty
    Jun 01, 2013 @ 21:46:07

    It was really an enjoyable read…cheers to your friendship πŸ™‚


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