Maa… meri maa….. Mumma :))


It’s the mother’s day and I shout out to you,

I v been ignorant lately but what to do

You got a son for pearls n pizzas

And me who can write you a word or two…


You are short and cute just made to order

For you wont fit my arms if you were any broader

In you I find my counsel, my best of loyal friends..

You called giggling guru, you always set trends…


We talk we share and we give you a new name,

You an extraordinary mom, you earned your fame..

From making super food to keeping us grounded

To see how you do it, leaves everyone confounded


U work day in day out, for us you do..

We want you to relax but you hardly get to..

You got two big sons yet no bahu..

We should be 6 from 4…. give it a decade or two


M keeping this one short keeping it real,

Just the way you are … a shining jewel…


My Bungee Experience..

A Colleague shared his Bungee Video at work today. Couldn’t help but joke around and laugh at the expressions.. I had a bungee experience of my own.. in Thailand 2010, and everytime I play the video I cant stop smiling.. My mom, dad and brother and their commentary.. LEGENDARY!!! As if all of us took the plunge together 🙂

Heres the Video ..


Happy birthday Ma

I am thinking about writing something, a tribute, memoir perhaps about the person I love the most in this world. But I don’t know where to start, should I start with what I know about her? Because that could go on and on yet be merely a drop in the ocean. Should I chronicle her life? An inspiration that is for all those who have had the privilege to know her and seen her come out smiling everyday, irrespective of challenges and difficulties that time has thrown her and too grand for my humble talents or should I account for the simple person she is? A mother. My Mother.

mom n me 1986   mom n me 2012

25 years of friendship 🙂

It is natural for all kids to think of their parents as the best there could be. We know the world through their eyes, learn what they teach us, mould the way they mould us and look at life through the prism of comfort they afforded us. Our thoughts change from being in awe of them as children to thinking of them as enemies in teens and gradually understanding about life from our shared experiences with them as we grow up.  Abhi and I are no different in our opinion of parents. We are as regular as any 2 men aged 24 n 29 would be, waging our struggles, fighting our demons and occasionally allowing ourselves that moment of joy to savor accomplishments.  But we believe we are blessed, not so in the least because our dad is a man we confide in and draw inspiration from but also our mom is theeeeee most awesomely woogly woogly little creation that god can say he created.

Now its only u mom,

You are not our darling. That would be too restrictive. You are our provider, friend, 1s person on the call list, confidante, toy, mentor, agony aunt , guide, sounding board, nerd and few other things I cant think of right now.  Every day we see u, we want to give u a new name because everyday we love u more. U grow younger every year and become a better pal than the previous year. We are not jealous because you have about 50 girls from different countries call u mama, we feel proud that we are the only ones with a legit right to the claim.

It has always been pure joy to see u crack up when u answer a landline. You are the 3rd best cook in our house (though I m yet to put my cooking up for analysis but m sure I wd be 2nd). You make the best white chana that I ever tasted and the pasta you make is out of this world (Please don’t make shalgam or baingan, its not your type :P). You have always taken care of us and put our needs ahead of yours. I love u for sending 1000rs for every “I love u” I said to u while at hostel. I love it when u get that glint in your eye everytime Abhi and I talk about girls in your presence. Needless to say u have the best smile amongst the 4 of us. That u are the shortest and very portable only makes you more cute and easy to love. We especially like teasing u to get u angry when u are watching your favorite TV serials. Everytime u attempt to get angry at Abhi and he simply stands up, its funny ma to see you struggle to slap him.. and we love u when u try scolding us in Punjabi. We know u too well and your Punjabi doesn’t have the same ring to it. So far dad and Abhi have been the only ones naming you, but I will be home soon, and you know I do have a wicked sense of humor. Whenever you come up with a smart answer to any of the teasing things we say, you make a face and its suuper cute. You knew more about my girlfriends than i did and we both know that when the time is right, things will move on so better not get into the marriage debates as often as we do J. Oh and how u have evolved technologically with time 🙂 we are happy to boast of the fact that u run your own website, have 300 FB friends and have the latest I phone 5. I miss seeing you struggle with apps 😛

I speak for dad, Abhi and myself when I say that you were, are and shall always be our Queen. Our happiness stems 100% from you and to quote and adapt a line from a song, “ hum tere sarmaye hain, job hi hum ban paayein hain, tumse he.. tumse he”

Wish u a very very youthfull 53rd ma J

Love u


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